The Horta del Rajolar Project offers ecological, healthy and quality vegetables. This project promotes sustainable agriculture, based on the principles of The Economy for the Common Good. Grupo La Plana collaborates actively with Fundació Novessendes since 2001.

Very interesting all the topics discussed today in the First Meeting of Packaging and Circular Economy, organized by the Cluster of packaging innovation. As packaging manufacturers we welcome initiatives like this.

Alimarket, IDE magazine and other media publish an interesting article on sustainable punnets and Grupo La Plana.

Within our Equality Plan we continue to develop policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, as well as the impulse and promotion of measures to achieve real equality within our organization, we have developed a series of actions which we highlight the following two:


●      In the communication section, the elaboration of a guide for the use of non-sexist language of application to all internal and external communications issued.

●      In the conciliation section, information on the legally available conciliation measures and how to access them.

We continue to support sustainable mobility, Cartonajes la Plana joins the Urban mobility challenge 2019, promoted by Ciclogreen. This initiative aims to create a healthy habit for employees, enhancing the environmental benefits that arise from sustainable displacements, (daily use of bicycle, shared car, on foot or electric scooter, among others).

The academic environment becomes a source of talent acquisition and quarry generation for Grupo La Plana, which aims to be a reference in the collaboration between the academic and professional world.


Our goal is that students in university practices can develop their skills and competencies every day, living a business model of which we are proud.

We are committed to ethics, social and environmental responsibility, for this reason in 2016 we decided to implement the economic model of the Common Good, realizing our first Balance of the Common Good (BBC).


In the next three months we will make a second balance on the year 2018. As a first action we have reviewed the achievement of the objectives established in the previous improvement plan and we have written a report on the results achieved to date.


This new balance will use the new version of the matrix 5.0 proposed by the EBC and will establish a new improvement plan adapted to the current conditions.


Continuing with our policy of respect for the environment, we are working on the project “Zero Discharge”, by means of which it is intended to reduce and reuse water with the installation of an ultrafiltration plant until reaching zero discharge. For the moment and thanks to an improvement plan, proposed by the different departments involved, we have managed to reduce the consumption of water used in the manufacturing process by 47%.