Solutions designed to display the product directly at the point of purchase

Shelf Ready Packaging

We have a wide variety of packaging specifically designed to quickly display and stock food, beverage and other high-rotation consumer goods at the point of purchase (depending on the space available).


Designed to promote product rotation and replacement and to optimise the available space, the different formats and printing options also make it easier to convey a brand marketing strategy and promote the direct sale of the product in consumer centres.

Display Trays
(1 Piece)

Our 1-piece display tray solutions are perfect for showcasing products on shelves.

Display Boxes
(1 Piece)

Our 1-piece display box solutions are a good option at the point of purchase. The transport box transforms into a product display box by removing the front of the packaging.

Shelf-ready Transit Box Solutions

Shelf-ready Transit Box Solutions are the best option at the point of purchase, offering faster restocking speeds, the perfect display and full product protection.