High-Rotation Consumer Goods

Solutions for all types of high-demand consumer products that ensure their proper storage and distribution

Packaging and Display Solutions for these Markets

Personal/home care
Hygiene and health
Textiles and accessories
Beauty and cosmetics


Our products for this sector

Generic Standard Box

Versatile, highly adaptable to the requirements of the order. High-quality material printing, perfect for creative orders with a lot of colour.


Wide variety of designs and materials for self-assembling packaging.

Folded with Special Bottoms (Snap-lock Bottom)

These boxes are mainly for manual use and do not need sealing at the bottom.

Folded with Special Bottoms (Auto-lock Bottom)

Perfect for packaging processes that require little time and are mainly for manual use. Multiple printing options.

Free-Standing Display Units

Take advantage of the entire structure to incorporate key communication and branding messages, adapted product shelves, reinforced bases, etc.

Countertop Display Units

Feature hooks and other elements to enhance product rotation, POP materials and customisable bases to hold other promotional materials (flyers, brochures, etc.)

Glorifier displays

Floor or tabletop solutions made of high-quality cardboard, plastic, wood or metal, to enhance product advertising at the point of purchase.


High-impact elements for street marketing initiatives.

Welcome Packs

Welcome packs are available in various high-quality materials for shipping products that enhance brand recognition and the user experience.

Product Decoration and Activation Solutions

Set of 360º solutions that can incorporate all types of elements (vinyl, glorifier displays, tables, columns, displays, etc.)

Exhibition Containers

Formats that incorporate packaging and exposure functionality, offering special protection for the products displayed.

(Other Sectors)

Packmaster solutions come with Wrap Around packaging for all types of automated packaging processes

Display Trays
(1 Piece)

Our 1-piece display tray solutions are perfect for showcasing products on shelves.

Display Boxes
(1 Piece)

Our 1-piece display box solutions are a good option at the point of purchase. The transport box transforms into a product display box by removing the front of the packaging.

Shelf-ready Transit Box Solutions

Shelf-ready Transit Box Solutions are the best option at the point of purchase, offering faster restocking speeds, the perfect display and full product protection.

6-point trays

Include anti-theft closing systems to prevent tampering with the product during the shipping process, tear strips that provide for easy opening and two dual-sided strips of tape so the customer can re-seal the box if the product is returned.

Self-assembling (with/without straps) for
E-commerce Solutions

Easy to assemble, they fully protect products during transport by using adjustable spacers that offer maximum protection against shocks or falls.

Personalize your packaging

Design your business packaging