Because Our Products are Exclusive

Satisfaction at the point of sale

Because Your Objectives are Ours

Satisfaction at the point of sale

Because We Take Care of Everything

Satisfaction at the point of sale

Because Our Solutions are the Most Innovative

Satisfaction at the point of sale

We design and manufacture publicity supports at the point of sale

Innovative, high-quality and sustainable point-of-sale advertising solutions

We design and manufacture all types of advertising formats for use at the point of sale and marketing materials, both temporary and permanent, made with sustainable materials and the highest quality finishes.


Point-of-sale advertising solutions

Since we were founded more than 15 years ago, the mission of Primera Línea Visual has focused on meeting the needs of all our customers by offering exclusive quality products through rigorous testing and monitoring at all stages of our production processes.

We help our customers to enhance the visibility of their products at the point of sale through multiple display formats, theme materials, specially shaped totems, shelf strips, shelf stoppers, displays, banners, end podiums, etc. We invite you to try our services, we will be very pleased to help you with your particular needs.


Quality Control, from Beginning to End

Quality in our operations is one of the main pillars of our business philosophy, both in the use of top-class materials and in the implementation of specific measures for continuous improvement

We have a highly qualified team of sales representatives, design specialists, industrial engineers, and product development and marketing specialists, who work with the sole objective of offering high added value services, from design to  delivery.

• Goods control
• Mini scale models
• Supervision of artwork
• Presence of a technician when dies are set and used
• Sample shown to customer before delivery

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Temporary and permanent solutions

Product Decoration and Activation Solutions
Product Decoration and Activation Solutions

We help our customers improve the presentation of their products, developing the communication methods necessary to attract consumer attention through 360o solutions that can incorporate all types of  element (vinyl signs,  shelf glorifiers,  tables,  totems, display stands, etc.).

Glorifier Displays
Glorifier Displays

Floor-standing and tabletop solutions made by combining high-quality wood, plastic, plexiglass, cardboard and metal, to enhance product advertising at the point of sale.

Countertop display stands
Countertop display stands

Our countertop display stands help to make shoppers receptive and drive sales.

They incorporate hooks or other elements to facilitate product rotation,

POP materials and customisable bases to contain other promotional materials (flyers, brochures, etc.)

Exhibition Containers
Exhibition Containers

Exhibition Containers are standard size display stands that enable companies to distribute products through large distribution chains and require a low-level platform for in-store management.

They incorporate packaging and display facilities offering special protection for the items they contain.

Floor-Standing Display Units
Floor-Standing Display Units

Our floor-standing display units take advantage of the whole structure to present key communication and branding messages on specially adapted product shelves, reinforced plinths and other plastic, plexiglass and wood supports.


High-impact elements for street marketing campaigns. We create all types of banners, panels, display cases, decorations and visual displays in the form of columns, arches, goal mouths or tasting tables. We adapt forms and formats to attract the attention of potential purchasers in banners, totems, end podiums, stoppers, etc.

Welcome Packs
Welcome Packs

We produce all types of information packs, from simple formats to complex Welcome Packs that include merchandising items and leaflets with all types of protection, such as foam rubber and separators. We use various high-quality materials to create distinctive formats that enhance brand recognition and the user experience.

Creative Packaging
Creative Packaging

At Primera Línea Visual we have the know-how needed to manufacture highly creative and original premium packaging. Our disruptive designs are made using recycled cardboard.

WOW Poly Design
WOW Poly Design

We are specialists in combining materials and are involved in the development of new lines such as Wow Poly Design. This artistic technique has great potential for visual impact.

Innovative Solutions

The Carton Home Line

Our wide range of solutions includes The Carton Home line, a registered brand of Primera Línea Visual.

We love new challenges and we are experts in bringing cardboard to life to meet the communication and sustainability objectives of leading brands.

We have brought all our expertise to The Carton Home to meet the decoration needs of many families by offering creative and innovative ranges with resilient sustainable furniture offering very good value.

Customers have the assistance of our best product marketing and graphic and structural design professionals to develop components and items made of paper and cardboard with high added value.

Our Services


Trade Marketing Service

Our value proposal includes a comprehensive Trade Advisory Service

Marketing with the support of our professionals.

Commercial Consultancy

Needs analysis, setting objectives, customised solutions, advice and monitoring.

Advertising at point of sale

Design and manufacture of POS publicity material, brand reputation, point-of-sale analysis and visual reporting.

Promotional campaigns

Advice on campaign, design, point-of-sale installation, strategy development and event assistant services.

Creativity and design

We create all types of display pieces that will help increase sales and generate unique experiences, ensuring satisfaction at the point of sale.

The work of our graphic and structural design teams allows us to develop creative proposals that are perfectly feasible, in terms of both time and budget, which singles us out from other advertising agencies and manufacturers.

• POS activation
• Graphic design
• Structural design
• 3D design and prototypes

Production and logistics

We have machinery for bonding, back coating and die-cutting processes, for projects ranging from large-scale publicity displays to less complex products such as folders with elastic bands and presentation cases.

The services we offer customers also include storage, picking, installation at the point of sale and national and international distribution.

• Production
• Folding and inserting
• Product picking
• Storage
• Distribution
• Point of sale installation


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