We manufacture sustainable packaging, integrating our social, environmental and ethical commitment throughout our value chain

The La Plana Group has always maintained the vision of carrying out its business activities in an exemplary and responsible manner, demonstrating its strong social, environmental and ethical commitment to society and the environment. Concerns that always accompanied our founder. His values are our greatest legacy and continue to mark our roadmap.

For this reason, sustainability is part of our DNA and represents a true hallmark of our identity, which is highly renowned and valued by our stakeholders.

Our historical commitment to sustainable development is currently one of our main assets, competitive factors and a differentiating element, which strengthens the capacity for resilience that characterises us so well and that has enabled us to successfully meet the challenges we have faced throughout our history.

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Novessendes Foundation

In the context of the La Plana Group’s actions towards the Economy of the Common Good, we collaborate with Novessendes Foundation through sustainable local agroecology, education and international cooperation projects based on citizen participation.

Committed to the Common Good

Commitment to the well-being of future generations

We are committed to a model of economy based on principles that ensure sustainability in economic activity for future generations.