Economy for the Common Good

Economy for the Common Good and Grupo La Plana

One of Grupo La Plana’s traits has always relied on promoting internal and external initiatives based on the common good of people, minimising the environmental impact of its production activity and helping to improve its social and community environment.



What is the Economy for the Common Good?

The Economy for the Common Good (ECG) is a socio-economic movement based on fundamental aspects such as:

– Human dignity
– Solidarity
– Cooperation, and
– Eco-responsibility


This model was proposed and promoted by Austrian economist and writer Christian Felber in 2010.


What are its Principles?

The Economy for the Common Good understands that economic activity must serve general or public interests, and is characterised by three aspects:

1. The defence of a cooperative market model.
2. The implementation of values such as human dignity, equality, solidarity, transparency and environmental sustainability.
3. Aspiring to two main goals: prioritising people over capital, promoting cooperation above profit, democratising companies, reducing the environmental footprint, and subordinating the country’s wealth to the general interest.


Promoting cooperation in economic activity, reducing the environmental footprint and fighting for the general interest in society.


How is Grupo La Plana working towards the Economy for the Common Good?

Since 2015, Grupo La Plana has been actively involved in the values of the Economy for the Common Good by promoting its principles as part of the company’s activity, forming part of the Valencian association Economia del Bé Comú, and disclosing our annual balance sheets, where we report on actions aimed at promoting this model in our group.

Our company philosophy is based on the fact that the company must be responsible and sustainable, a resource that generates wealth for different stakeholders, that integrates ethical values into its management and helps to address social concerns, in full compliance with the model promoted by Christian Felber.


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Economy for the Common Good Balance Sheet 


Economy for the Common Good Balance Sheet