Innovative solutions
at the forefront of new challenges

We rely on innovation to propose new ways of customising and addressing the needs, problems and desires of our customers, offering greater value than the existing alternatives.

Grupo La Plana - innovacion logistica
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Generation of Ideas

Through collaborative stimulation, observation schemes, brainstorming sessions, trend analysis and customer panels.

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Search for Value

Translation into concepts that provide real value to the business activity of the market and our customers. 

Testing and Prototyping

Workflows for testing and prototyping.

Implementation and Results

Measurement of the commercial impact of new proposals, gathering of 360º feedback, implementation of corrections and adaptations and profitability calculations.

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Innovation Centre

3D and virtual displays of projects

In our InnLab, we offer on-site proposals and project developments tailored to our customers’ needs based on 3D displays and augmented reality, virtual displays and comprehensive 360º advice.

Proyectos Innovadores

Descubre nuestras propuestas más innovadoras