We ensure the quality of primary food products from the time they are packaged, complying with all food contact regulations

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Our products for this sector

Open Punnets

Open punnets with no closure system, to protect and transport any agricultural product.

Sealed Punnets with Lid/Flap

Closed punnets with lid/flap include side or top closing systems to safely transport the product.

Closed Punnets with Heat Sealing

Closed heat-sealed punnets include a heat-sealed plastic closing system to keep the product safe during transport.

Dual Short Panel

These boxes are suitable for wet environments, since they usually carry fruit. They also include several types of joints.

Type C (Column)

This type of box can be stacked into columns. They are not closed in order to allow the products inside them, which are usually food, to be ventilated.

Type T (Canopy)

Several options to cover them with folded canopy or low-cut long panels, these corrugated cardboard trays come in different sizes to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Internal Protectors

Internal protectors without closing systems are solutions that incorporate materials designed to accommodate the product in the packaging and avoid movements and shocks.

External Protectors

External protectors without closing systems are transport solutions that incorporate materials whose thicknesses and strengths are tailored to specific protection needs.

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