Boxes for transporting and displaying agricultural products

Agricultural Trays

We manufacture robust and stackable solutions that ensure the safe transport of fruits and vegetables, offer moisture resistance and guarantee correct ventilation and preservation of products, keeping them in perfect condition throughout the supply chain.


Our Agricultural Solutions also optimise transport and storage space, maintaining adequate load stability. Different printing finishes are available to market the final product at the point of purchase.

Dual Short Panel

These boxes are suitable for wet environments, since they usually carry fruit. They also include several types of joints.

Type C (Column)

This type of box can be stacked into columns. They are not closed in order to allow the products inside them, which are usually food, to be ventilated.

Type T (Canopy)

Several options to cover them with folded canopy or low-cut long panels, these corrugated cardboard trays come in different sizes to satisfy the customer’s needs.