June, 26 2019

Cartonajes La Plana exceeds 100 Million Turnover in 2017


News published in ValenciaPlaza on Cartonajes La Plana.




CASTELLÓN. Cartonajes la Plana continues its growth. In the last registered accounts, those of 2017, which have just been published in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry, the company based in Betxí exceeds 100 million billing, something that had not been achieved so far. And, in the absence of 2018 figures, for which the company’s forecasts were not bad, these records may have been small.


The almost 103 million turnover of the company in 2017 represents a growth for Cartonajes la Plana of 9.65% compared to 2016. This is practically identical for the group’s parent, Amisar, which also marks the turnover, according to the consolidated balance sheet of 2017. The matrix of the Castellón group also integrates 100% of the capital of the companies of Valencia Cartón and Envases Cartón, Encarsa, (based in Onda) and 75% of Unigraf Anoia.


In 2017, the company directed by Juan Ignacio Piquer obtained 3 million euros of benefits, which led directly to voluntary reserves, while the parent company achieved consolidated profits of almost 1.8 million euros. These are not bad figures for a conglomerate that employs more than 450 people in its four production plants: Betxí, Onda, Cenicero (La Rioja) and Igualada (Barcelona).


Precisely, the company is in the process to expand its production center of Onda. After beginning the works last year, Grupo la Plana is currently duplicating its plant in the Colomer polygon of that town. With this, the factory will add 30,000 square meters that will allow it to increase by 50% the productive capacity of the group in the province, given that the Betxí plant has the same manufacturing space. This will mean an investment of almost 30 million euros to materialize a new plant that intends to have available next spring.




With the extension of Onda, Cartonajes la Plana will be able to continue supplying in the best way the tile industry, its main client. But it´s not the only one. The crisis unleashed in 2008, which especially affected the main industry of the province, meant that the group had to diversify its client base, betting on the agricultural sector, and within it the wine industry, as well as other industrial sectors.


From its four cardboard production plants, the group distributes its products through 13 assembly plants spread across the Iberian Peninsula, which serves the agricultural industry.