December, 7 2013

Decade of Involvement


Novessendes partners and collaborators met in December at the headquarters of the foundation to celebrate its tenth anniversary. A decade of working for the improvement of the people, supporting local associations and citizens in order to progress towards a better, more egalitarian and more humane world.


Novessendes was born as a founding company, due to some concerns from partners of Cartonajes La Plana, who share a vision of integrating ethical values in business management, based on human relations and sensitized with society.


In 2010, it split and became a Civic Foundation, which means a foundation of the town, where the governing body is constituted by representing people and residents of Betxí, also currently has 86 members. However Cartonajes La Plana continues to maintain a commitment to support this social responsibility project, contributing a large part of its funding.