May, 1 2016

Company of the Year


The award as Company of the Year 2015 of Castellon to the company Cartonajes La Plana which was delivered by the President of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, is a new recognition of the commitment to innovation and constant trade expansion that has characterized the Betxí packaging company
since its inception more than four decades ago. This award positions this family business as the business leader of the province and consolidates a business model that has allowed it to lead the production of packaging and corrugated cardboard packaging in the domestic market.


The versatility of Cartonajes La Plana allows you to make all kinds of ‘packaging’ in corrugated cardboard for major food companies, industry and ceramics of the peninsula, actively collaborating with them in implementing new features to their products, and developing logistical solutions that save time, costs and improve product visibility and safety in transport.