September, 1 2014

New corrugating Group


After the planning and preparation carried out in recent months, it has been finally installed the new corrugating group of latest generation with double roller team game. In addition, they replaced the previous five coil supports with new BHS also of last generation, which allows loading coils of one and a half meters in diameter without any problems.


To complete the installation, they have acquired four teams of paring coils previous to the introduction machine and a load system with metal chains and automatic return to the store, thereby decreasing the flow of trucks through the work area.


On the other hand, all the roller tracks that were reused from the old installation in the output of finished products have been replaced by new and expanded in a third line output, consisting of: Strapping, laminator, labeller and roller system.
These investments allow the company to become more competitive and improve its service to continue growing and retaining customers, but above all, to minimize occupational risks and work more safely.