November, 27 2012

Objective: Accidents 0


Today, it marks 366 days without accidents at the facilities of Cartonajes La Plana, the first stage of an ambitious security Project and internal prevention advocates to eradicate workplace accidents in the cardboard firm in Castellón, one of the main players in the spanish tile and agro-food sector.


This campaign, called “Objective: Accidents 0”, was pushed by the collaboration of Management and Human Resources teams with workers and union representatives, with the aim of strengthening the common actions to prevent occupational risks, as explained by the CEO of the company, Juan Ignacio Piquer.


Piquer explained that only in this exercise, it has been invested of 12,000 euros on security and prevention, which has been complemented by investments in improvement and quality of work spaces, implementation of new clean technologies in production plants, or social responsibility measures and ongoing training implemented at all levels of the company.


In this regard, the company’s Deputy Director has stressed the importance of employers and employees working together to improve the safety in the industry, as it reverts directly on the quality of life for everybody. And, as an example, Piquer pointed out that many of the actions do not require big investment but are the result of a fluid dialogue between the parties to improve aspects that in many cases may go unnoticed.