October, 1 2015

Rafael Climent in Betxí


The Conseller of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor, Rafael Climent, on his first visit to companies in the industrial sector of Valencia travelled to Betxí to know the activity of Cartonajes la Plana, where he highlighted the daily effort made by family businesses to adapt themselves to changing times and to remain competitive.


Climent explained that “We must be next to companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs of our land to continue providing growth and creation of jobs and the new Department will hear from everyone.” He also stated that “companies like Cartonajes la Plana have shown to have an ability to adapt, to innovate, to introduce new technologies, to respect the environment and to be inferred in society where they are” and emphasized that for the new Consell “it is very important that the company is next to society.”