December, 29 2022

Roox joins Grupo La Plana


Grupo La Plana has finalised the purchase of 51% of the shares of the Córdoba-based company Roox-Arrebola y Perea, S.L., thus completing its incorporation into the group from Castellón. As in other transactions of this kind, Grupo La Plana received ongoing advice from the legal team of the Valencia branch of the Cuatrecasas law firm.


Located in the town of Rute, Córdoba, and with over 15 years of experience in the design, development and production of point-of-sale displays, furniture and sales equipment, Roox’s facilities have a surface area in excess of 10,000 m2 and a team of more than 80 professionals.


Since its founding, Roox has specialised in different areas: manufacture of POS displays and commercial furniture, all-in-one design services for POS commercial spaces, and consultancy services.

With regard to the design and manufacture of POS displays, the company can offer a wide range of customised formats, such as cases, posters or displays with a full range of features, decoration and visibility options. It also handles key aspects of their development, such as their mobility, transport, or product storage and conservation capacity. In this area, the company also has special ranges of assembled advertising displays made of 100% FSC-certified sustainable wood. Some of its products can also incorporate screens and multimedia elements to broadcast dynamic video content and animations.


In addition to its line of POS displays, the company has the technology and equipment to design, manufacture and install all types of commercial furniture (counters, panels, towers, fitting rooms, shelving and gondolas) made to order based on the ergonomics of the consumer and the shop staff, designed to display and facilitate customer access to the products.


Roox also has a unit with specialists who design commercial spaces, and it offers comprehensive 360º project services for pharmacies, hospitality, service stations, perfumeries and food shops, seeking the best distribution of items and customer flows. These services range from comprehensive renovations to detailed studies of product arrangements and visual merchandising, or of isometric and conical perspectives of the point of sale and the furniture developed using 3D tools. In addition, Roox teams also offer point-of-sale consultancy services that include business development and activation plans, web management tools and field marketing solutions tailored to every business need.


In terms of sustainability, the company from Córdoba is also firmly in line with the commitment of the La Plana Group in this field. As a basis for its operations, it works with a circular economy model focused on guaranteeing a 100% sustainable supply chain, which includes the use of renewable energies and responsibly sourced raw materials, or projects to manufacture packaging recycling systems for third parties.


This model includes Roox’s manufacturing line for refillable bulk-sale systems, and its line of next-gen retro-vending machines for collecting empty containers for subsequent recycling.


With regard to the certifications related to this field, the company has some of the most important ones, such as those related to the voluntary verification of its greenhouse gas emissions inventory, energy management, responsibility and ecodesign, and the FSC.


With this new operation, the Grupo La Plana strengthens its presence in Andalusia and intensifies its commitment to becoming an important benchmark in the manufacture of POS products and displays, following the incorporation of the Primera Línea Visual group in 2021, and it continues to achieve the goals set out in its strategic expansion and growth plan