March, 17 2022

The La Plana Group buys the First Hybrid Printing Machine on the Market: the Kento Hybrid


The La Plana Group has just signed an agreement for the purchase of the Kento Hybrid®, the first and only machine in the world capable of hybrid printing on corrugated cardboard, which is expected to be installed and brought into operation during the second quarter of this year at the group’s Packaging Onda plant.


The Kento Hybrid®, manufactured by Kento Digital Printing, brings together inkjet digital and high-quality flexographic printing, combining the advantages of analogue and digital in a single production line. This is the world’s first and only hybrid machine with single-pass printing technology, specially designed for the corrugated cardboard packaging industry.


With this important acquisition, which constitutes a milestone in the digital transformation of the corrugated cardboard packaging sector, the La Plana Group is positioning itself as a world leader, with the most versatile and comprehensive printing portfolio on the market, enhancing and extending its existing digital printing capacity and offering all types of customer new opportunities for large-scale customised projects and creative initiatives.